Artist Statement
An unremitting shadow plagues me.

The foundational motifs of my work emanate from the tragic residue of sexual harm. Across diverse mediums, I excavate shame and dissociation, rage and despair, resilience, repair, and at times, redemption. Defying stigma, my life story becomes a dark lens through which to view omnipresent truths of global suffering- trauma, memory, secrets both kept and told. I strive for insight, empathy, and the mending of wounds.

The resultant works are deliberate acts devised to evoke manifestations of the vestiges of traumatic moments repeatedly relived through the marks left on a page, the remnants of shattered glass, or words uttered across an abyss. In the case of dissociation, a mirror turns up empty, void of expression, wresting humanity from the depths of an erased mind.

Tania Love Abramson, MFA, is a conceptually focused visual artist, lecturer, writer, performer and filmmaker, and a survivor of chronic childhood sexual abuse (50yrslater.com). Ms. Abramson is a Lecturer in the Honor’s Collegium at UCLA, the co-creator and co-instructor of the UCLA Art & Trauma course, who also lectures widely in both the United States and internationally. She is the author of several scholarly articles and three artbooks. Her first book, Shame and the Eternal Abyss, explores the dual experiences of shame and dissociation through her art and poetic commentary. She then produced two small volumes, Truth Lies and Concern, both part of a series of books loosely tied together by ambiguous words and experiences. Each are obliquely crafted narratives in drawings, photographs and poetic structure, that emanate from personal stories, yet enigmatically transcend to the universal.

Tania is currently working on a graphic memoir that combines drawings, poetry and prose. She is also a sporadic contributor to her blog (50yrslater.com), and her Twitter and Instagram pages.